Carrier High Efficiency Heat Pump Benefits

Benefits of High Efficiency Variable Speed Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Systems July has been hot here Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The heat and humidity adds an extra strain on your HVAC System. Therefore if you are having trouble staying cool; it might be time to replace your old air conditioning and heating system with our […]

High Efficiency HVAC System Benefits

High Efficiency Air Conditioning and Heating System –Fort Walton Beach, FL Have you noticed your AC and Heating System is just not functioning like it should? If so you may need a replacement. Are you experiencing frequent breakdowns, rising energy bills, inconsistent temperatures, or most dust is in your living space? If so you are […]

Fort Walton Beach AC

Beat the Heat with These Tips for Keeping Cool in Fort Walton Beach

We here at AC Engineers know a thing or two about keeping cool, especially in the humid Florida heat. Even when the temperatures rise outdoors, there are several ways to keep cool without running up your home energy bill. You don’t have to suffer through another sweltering Florida summer!   From easy to implement tips […]

spring HVAC checklist

Ultimate Florida HVAC Checklist for End-of-Spring

Spring Maintenance for Your AC As Florida residents we rely heavily on our air conditioning units, especially during the late spring and summer months. When our A/Cs aren’t working properly, it can quickly become extremely hot inside our home. This can cause bigger issues for your home than simply feeling overly warm and uncomfortable. Too […]

How to Make Your Major Appliances More Energy Efficient

Your home’s major appliances utilize a lot of energy to keep your food fresh, your house comfortable and your clothes clean. Find out some smart ways that you can start saving energy while operating these appliances. There’s no need to upgrade to the latest and greatest in appliance technology to reap the benefits of energy-efficiency. […]

Home Improvement in Fort Walton Beach: What You Need to Know

Florida is unlike any other area of the country when it comes to climate. Though the state may boast paradise-like temperatures year-round, Florida’s temperatures and humidity have distinct impacts on your home that you need to be aware of when making home repairs or taking on home improvement projects. A Guide to Home Improvement in […]

Product Spotlight: Carrier Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Improving indoor air quality is an important part of creating a clean and healthy environment in your home. Sometimes homeowners need to go beyond just replacing their air filter in order to maintain IAQ. We have put together a product spotlight to give you a little more information on what Carrier indoor air quality solutions […]


7 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Florida Home

Did you know that in a typical year, the average Florida homeowner spends about $2,000 on home energy costs? What’s more is that 90% of these expenses go toward electricity. Though you may not realize that you are spending that much each year on home energy costs, these numbers should not be too surprising. Let’s […]

Holiday Energy Saving Tips for Florida Homeowners

The holiday season in Florida looks a bit different than in other parts of the country. Though there is no snow to shovel and Florida homeowners can often walk outside without putting on a coat, there are still plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit. Between decorating your home for the holidays, cooking […]

3 Most Common Florida HVAC Questions Answered

Florida is one of the only places in the United States where you may very well find yourself using your air conditioner year-round. Though many refer to our state as paradise, the unique climate does pose some interesting challenges when it comes to HVAC and home comfort. Below, we will answer some of the most […]