5 AC Maintenance Tips for the End of the Summer

As summer comes to an end, your air conditioner has been working hard to keep you and your family cool during some of the hottest months of the year. You want it to continue to keep your home comfortable into fall, which sometimes feels a lot like summer in Florida. AC maintenance is vital to keeping your air conditioning unit up and running year-round.

Pre-Fall AC Maintenance Tips

We have put together 5 AC maintenance tips for the end of summer that will help you maintain your AC unit and ensure that it continues to keep you comfortable through the holidays and beyond.


  1. Change your air filter.

Changing your air filter is one of the easiest things that you can do to maintain your AC. This is not only important for air quality but also the life of your air conditioning unit. A clogged air filter can cause your system to work harder. This uses more energy and may even cause the unit to breakdown, both of which are costly. Make sure that you are using the correct AC filter for your unit and replacing the filter on your central air system at least once every other month.


  1. Clean coils and drain line.

Blocked coils on the outside unit can also cause your AC to work harder than it needs to, which can lead to issues that need to be repaired. For central units, you can use a broom and your garden hose to remove debris. Similarly, you want to make sure that your AC’s condensate drain line is clean to prevent any malfunctioning. Use boiling water to clear any small blockages.


  1. Remove any obstructions from the unit.

Check to make sure that the outdoor unit is not blocked by plants or other debris that might have grown or accumulated over the summer. If you have hedges or other plants that you use to hide the outdoor unit, make sure that they are at least a foot away from the unit to avoid obstructions. Indoor units should also be free of obstructions like curtains or drapes.


  1. Program your thermostat.

If you have a central system, you should use your thermostat to slightly raise the temperature during the day when you are away from the house and then lower the temperature when you return. This helps reduce any unnecessary strain on your AC, while also helping you save on energy costs. Some thermostats can be controlled from your smartphone via WiFi, allowing you to make these adjustments even when you’re not home. Some smart thermostats will even learn your schedule and habits over time, making the process more automated.


  1. Get a tune-up or maintenance services from a professional.

To keep your central AC unit running smoothly throughout the year, it is important to get an annual tune-up from an HVAC professional who will check and clean the filter, test the system, and charge the unit with refrigerant. This is best completed in the spring before you start using it for the summer, but it is never too late for a tune-up. It’s also important to keep up with regular maintenance when you first begin to notice any issues or concerns.


If you are experiencing troubles with your air conditioner or just want to have it checked by a professional, don’t hesitate to call Air Conditioning Engineers today. We will help make sure that your air conditioning is running efficiently year-round.

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