Duct Sealing To Keep Bugs And Rodents Out

Owning a home means you need to take care of routine maintenance as well as any number of problems that occur. One problem that many homeowners find exasperating to deal with is an influx of rodents or bugs. Unfortunately, rodents, such as mice can get into your home’s duct system and use it as an easy way to move throughout your home. These rodents pose a health risk as well as a risk to the structure and integrity of your home. Whether they get into your walls or destroy your attic, effectively eliminating rodents and bugs is definitely important. One of the best ways of eliminating bugs and rodents is by ensuring your ducts are all sealed.

Duct sealing is an important part of preventing mice and other rodents from getting into your home. Check around roof vents and wall vents to make sure there are no gaps where these pests can enter. Once you have sealed the ducts, it is also important to set traps in your ducts so that any mice that have already entered can be removed from your home.

Turn off your HVAC system and remove grates or vent covers. Place a snap trap loaded with a fragrant bait, such as peanut butter, cheese or bacon in the duct. The trap should be placed perpendicular to the side of the duct with the bait touching the wall of the duct. Replace the cover to the vent and turn your HVAC system back on. It is important to check these traps every day and carefully remove any mice that are caught. Never use poisons to eliminate a rodent problem because the poison won’t act immediately and the rodent will likely head deeper into your duct system. A dead rodent that you cannot remove is going to smell.

One of the best duct sealing benefits is that you will be able to block rodents and other destructive animals from entering your home’s duct system. Proper duct sealing can prevent a number of problems and eliminate the hassle of dealing with an infestation. When you need any type of heating or cooling service, be sure to give us a call.