Surge Protectors And HVAC: What You Need To Know

A few years back, many people associated surge protection devices with personal computers, refrigerators, and big-screen television sets. Today, however, we are surrounded by myriad devices with printed circuit boards, thanks to the technological advancement. These devices are vulnerable to power surges which may be caused by issues in the power grid or lightening strike. Apart from your electrical devices and appliances, power surges can also cause extreme damages to your HVAC system.

Although old HVAC systems had minimal electronic parts and were majorly mechanical in nature, their modern counterparts are designed differently. With the modern models, when a power surge hits, you will have very limited chances of determining the amount of damage caused. In fact, large power surges can result into immediate failure of your HVAC unit or extensive damage which may be very difficult to repair. Even if it survives, there may be hidden damages, which may eventually lead to permanent failure. Actually, most HVAC units damaged by power surges are replaced instead of being repaired. These are results you wouldn’t want to happen to your HVAC system or your appliances considering the amount money you’ve invested in them.

Protecting your HVAC Unit

Though you don’t have the power stop power surges, there are certain things you can do protect your HVAC unit and other appliances from becoming damaged:

  • Invest in a whole-home surge protector and have it installed at the main circuit breaker box. This will prevent damages to items that are tied to the power line.
  • Invest in individual surge protectors and install them at each power outlet where there is an electronic gadget plugged in.


Bottom Line

A power surge can cause a devastating effect to your HVAC system since even a slight surge has the potential of causing irremediable damage to vital components of your HVAC unit. Having a plan for a home power surge protection will go a long way in minimizing the likelihood of being bother by power surge issues and will save you from spending on costly repairs. For more information on the best HVAC surge protectors, you can contact a trusted HVAC expert.

The Importance Of HVAC Surge Protectors

In the past, surge protection was not an important aspect of life because many average homes had few low-tech electronics which rarely needed this type of protection. However, today with the increased number of high-tech electronics that are using the latest technology, such as the printed circuit boards, surge protection cannot be overlooked. Good examples of these electronics are the HVAC system and the home phone. Power surge, which can be caused by power outages, faulty wirings, bad electrical components, downed power lines or lightning, can cause great havoc on HVAC system if protective measures are not in place.

The newer models of HVAC must be protected from power surge because the damage incurred as a result of the power surge can be expensive to repair. In fact, in most cases, it is cheaper to replace damaged HVAC systems rather than having them repaired. Large power surge can lead to instant failure of the HVAC system while in some cases, the system can survive a surge. However, there might be some hidden damage that might lead to a premature failure of the whole system.

While power surges cannot be prevented, there are a number of ways that can be used to protect valuable electronics and HVAC system. A good power surge protection for HVAC systems can be achieved by installing whole-home HVAC surge protectors at the main breaker boxes. This will take care of the excess power during power surge. In addition, it will be an effective protection against power surge for HVAC system since they are normally connected directly to the power line unlike other electronics, which are normally connected to power through an outlet. For the electronics that use outlets, the best way to protect them from power surge is by buying a surge protector for each outlet.

Power surge protection for HVAC systems is very important, and if you have such a system, do not hesitate contacting an expert. The expert will assess your system and determine the required level of protection. With such an expert by your side, you can be sure your system will last longer without the fear of power surge damage. For such professional and dedicated services, call us and you will never be disappointed.

Is Your HVAC System Protected From A Power Surge?

Most homeowners are aware that home utilities and appliances, such as their hot water heater, HVAC system, air conditioning unit, boiler, and furnace or a large home investment. These utilities and appliances require routine maintenance and repairs. HVAC maintenance is vital in keeping your home at comfortable temperatures, as well as for reducing allergies and dust. Though, millions of homeowners are unaware that protection from electrical power surges is as equally important.

How does a power surge occur?
A power surge occurs when there is a brief, yet strong, increase in power passing through an electrical device or line. It is vital to note that every electrical device and appliance in the home is meant to need and withstand a prescribed voltage amount of electricity. This sudden increase of voltage often cause permanent damage to home and business electrical devices and appliances.

What is the cause of a power surge?
Various situations and factors can cause or contribute to an electrical power surge. Common causes and situations can include:
• Lightning and Electrical Storms

• Downed Power Lines

• Faulty Building Wiring

• Power Outages

• Cycling On or Off of larger type appliances

• Maintenance at the power plant

• Bad Electrical Components

• Aged Electrical Components

As with harm to computers, televisions, and printers caused by an unexpected power surge, larger appliances and your home’s HVAC system can also suffer harm. Additionally, the repeated spikes and surges in your home’s utility appliances can cause errosion and breakdown that can gradually ruin a system. Some homeowners protect their smaller appliances and devices with specialized power strips or with special anti-surge outlets, but they do not protect their larger, more costly electronic appliances. Forgetting to protect your home utilities and HVAC system can be a very expensive mistake.

Home Power Surge Protection
Take action now if you are not sure that your HVAC system is protected from an electrical power surge. Pick up the phone and call your trusted HVAC technicians. They can ensure that your home is protected in the event of a very costly and damaging power surge.