Fans Or A/C – Which Is Better?

A lot of debate has been going on whether homeowners and businesses should adopt the use of air conditioners or stick with the use of the fan for ensuing indoor air quality and temperatures. There is no doubt that fans have been around for quite a long period of time. On the other hand, air conditioners have become very popular over the past couple of years. These developments make it even harder for consumers to make informed choices. So, should you go for fans or A/C?

The Cost Factor

Air conditioners, together with the most efficient new models that have found their way into the market recently are among the home and office appliances which consume the highest amount of power. They have, for many years, been the major contender in the energy consumption pyramid. This means that in a typical household, in a summer day, there is no other appliance which can consume the amount of power that the AC can. If you want to save on your energy bills, therefore, the use of a fan will be the best option. A fan does not consume much power bit still offer you excellent services.

Cooling vs. Circulation

The amount of power that an air conditioner needs to move air into different parts of your home is pretty high. On the other hand, moving air in your house with the use of a fan can keep the house acceptably comfortable at temperature ranges of up to 85 degrees. Moreover, fans augment both evaporation and convection so as to cool your house occupants.

A fan vs. A/C is an issue that you can discus in length. However, you need to understand that the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, using the two of them in conjunction has been found to help a lot in energy conservation and also in ensuring home comfort. Fans reduce your cooling costs up to 90%; they are less noisy than air conditioners; and also make the room feel cooler much faster.

By moving the air around, fans ensure that the air is up to 7 degrees cooler. So, for those summer days when it is too hot and you want your home to feel a bit chilly, you can count on a fan to offer the best. However, if you need energy efficiency, it is advisable to use the ceiling fan when the AC is also on since this arrangement keeps your thermostat at a warmer and more manageable temperature. If you want to know more about this, feel free to call us for all your heating and air conditioning needs at any time.